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Cafe & Restaurant


Tuesday to Sunday from 10 am to 7:30 pm

Cafe & Restaurant

Located in the museum’s courtyard, the Red Brick Yard Cafe covers 150 square meters and can accommodate 60-80 people. The cafe serves coffee, alcoholic beverages, and classic European Cuisine. The Red Brick Art Museum’s distinctive spaces are paired with the unique style of the traditonal Chinese furniture and Chinese antique armchairs, which provides the final touch to the dining atmosphere.

Covering a total area of 300 square meters, the Red Brick Yard Restaurant is located near the museum’s lake area. The first floor has the best view onto the museum’s adjoining lake. The second floor has an outdoor patio, seats, and private rooms, which can accommodate over 100 guests. The restaurant offers a wide range of dining selections and combinations, providing fresh experiences of the rich and interesting flavors of Mediterranean, which consists of cuisine primarily from Spain Italy, and southern France.


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Tel:010 84576669-8866/8887