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Visitor Information


Museum Opening Hours

Summer: May 1-September 30, 10:00-18:00 (Latest entry at 17:30)

Winter: October 1-April 30, 10:00-17:30 (Latest entry at 17:00)

Closed Monday (Except for public holidays)

Hours for our restaurant and café may differ

Red Brick Yard Hours

Cafe & Restaurant
Tuesday to Sunday, 10:00 – 19:30

Design Store
Summer: May 1-September 30, 10:00-18:00 (Latest entry at 17:30)
Winter: October 1-April 30, 10:00-17:30 (Latest entry at 17:00)
Closed Monday (Except for public holidays)



Regular Ticket: 120 RMB
Discounted Ticket: 100 RMB (Elementary school, middle school, high school, and university students/people with disabilities, and seniors over 65 with a valid ID)

Free Admission: Red Brick Art Museum members, children under 1.2 m (Every child must be accompanied by at least one ticketed adult)


**Tickets aren’t refundable , so please confirm your ticket information prior to your purchase.

Become a Member

Free entrance to regular exhibitions throughout the year, 20% discount on tickets to special exhibitions.

Join now to become a Red Brick member

Getting Here


100 meters  west of the intersection between Maquanying West Road and  Shunbai Road, Hegezhuang Village, Cuigezhuang Township, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Open Navigation

Via Subway

Take Line 15 to Maquanying Station, head north to Shunbai Road, then walk west bound for 100 meters

Via Bus

Take the 944 bus to the Hegezhuang stop, and the museum is on the east side

Via Car

Input “Red Brick Art Museum” into your GPS



Cloakroom and Lockers

The museum provides free luggage storage:

The museum has self-storage lockers located on the right side of the entrance to the museum store. Items measuring 29 x 45 x 40 cm or smaller can be stored in the lockers.

Front Desk
Children’s toys and large items that do not fit in the lockers (large suitcases or rolling bags) can be stored at the front desk.

Umbrella Rack
You may store your umbrella in the rack next to the front desk (Please retain your key.)



Wheelchair users have access to all parts of Red Brick Art Museum except for Gallery No. 2.

Wheelchairs (Free)

Red Brick Art Museum provides a free wheelchair loan service (with a 200 RMB deposit). No reservation required, please inquire at the front desk.


Free Parking

The museum provides free parking. Parking spaces are limited, the museum is unable to reserve parking spaces for visitors.


  • General Information

    Q: Is the museum private? Who is the museum director?
    A: Red Brick Art Museum is a private, non-profit art institution established by collector couple Yan Shijie and Cao Mei. Yan Shijie serves as the museum’s director.


    Q: Who designed the museum?
    A: The museum was designed by Dong Yugan of the Peking University Architecture Research Center.


    Q: Where did the name “Red Brick” come from?
    A: The name “Red Brick” comes from the primary material used in the construction of the museum—red bricks.

  • Getting Here

    You can take a subway or bus to Red Brick Art Museum. Please check our Visit Us section

  • Museum Hours and Holidays

    Q: When are you open?
    A: The museum is open Tuesday through Sunday, 10:00-17:30 (last ticket sold at 17:00). The museum is closed Monday.


    Q: When are you closed?
    A: The museum is closed Monday (Special arrangements will be made for public holidays, new exhibition openings, and other events). Follow us on the Red Brick Art Museum WeChat account for more details.

  • Admission, Tickets, and Reservations

    Q: How much are museum tickets? Are there discounts?
    Regular Ticket: 150 RMB
    Discounted Ticket: 120 RMB Visit our ticket information section for more details. Discounts are available for group reservations.


    Q: Can you buy tickets elsewhere?
    A: In addition to buying tickets at the museum, tickets can be purchased on the museum’s WeChat, VART, Damai, Maoyan, and other third party plartforms. Tickets purchased online can be claimed at the museum.


    Q: What payment methods does the museum accept?
    A: At the museum, visitors may pay with cash, credit cards, WeChat Pay, or Alipay. Tickets may also be purchased online.


    Q: Do groups or individuals need to reserve before coming to the museum?
    A: Individuals do not need to reserve. Student groups of ten or more must reserve. For a discount on a group visit, please make a group reservation.


    Q: Can a visitor enter the museum multiple times in a single day?
    A: Sorry, tickets are only valid for one entry.


    Q: Are there group tickets? How many people are required to participate? Are there discounts for groups?
    A: There are group tickets and discounts available. For more details, please see our information on group reservations.

  • Visiting the Museum

    Q: Can visitors take pictures?
    A: Visitors are permitted to take pictures inside the museum, but flashes, tripods, and other equipment are prohibited. For more details, see our photography rules.


    Q: How long does it take to visit the museum?
    A: The museum recommends setting aside one and a half hours for a full visit. There is also a garden, and visitors wanting to take pictures may spend two to three hours total.


    Q: Is there a designated route to follow at the museum? Are there things that visitors need to know before arriving at the museum?
    A: Visitors can follow the gallery numbers, beginning with the entrance to Gallery No. 1. However, visitors may also visit the exhibition in any order they like. See our visitor policies for things visitors should know before coming to the museum.


    Q: Are there visit brochures and exhibition materials?
    A: Museum maps are available free of charge at the front desk. Exhibition brochures and catalogs are sold at the museum store.


    Q: Are there guided tours? How can I reserve a guide?
    A: We temporarily suspend guided tour service. Visitors can find information about exhibitions and artworks on our website and official Wechat account.


    Q: Where can visitors find information about events and exhibitions at the museum?
    A: Visitors can find the most up-to-date information about events and exhibitions on the Red Brick Art Museum website or follow our WeChat platform (open WeChat and search Red Brick Art Museum).

  • Facilities and Services

    Q: Can visitors store items while they visit the museum? Do they have to pay a fee?
    A: The museum provides free luggage storage.


    Q: Where are the toilets?
    A: The toilets are near the bar on the first floor of the museum. For further directions, please see the museum map.


    Q: Does the museum have a store, café, and restaurant? What are their opening hours? Where are they located?
    A: The museum has a store, a café, and a restaurant. The store is open 10:00-17:30, located at the museum entrance. The café and restaurant are open 10:00-19:30, located in the courtyard.


    Q: What payment methods are accepted at the café, restaurant, and store?
    A: Cash, credit cards, WeChat Pay, and Alipay are all accepted.


    Q: Do visitors need to buy tickets for the museum to eat at the café or restaurant?
    A: Yes. Visitors need to buy tickets to enter the museum. The café and restaurant are provided for the convenience of museum visitors.


    Q: Can visitors bring their own food and drink into the museum?
    A: Bringing food and drink into the museum is prohibited. For more information, please review our visitor policies.


    Q: Is the museum accessible for those with disabilities?
    A: Yes. Those with disabilities can visit all parts of Red Brick Art Museum except for Gallery No. 2.


    Q: Can visitors borrow wheelchairs? Is payment required?
    A: Yes. Visitors can borrow a wheelchair, however a 200 RMB deposit is required. Please inquire with the front desk staff, reservations are not required.


    Q: Does the museum have free WiFi?
    A: The museum provides free WiFi on the network [Redbrick].


    Q: Is there parking at the museum? Are there parking fees?
    A: There is free parking at the museum, but because spaces are limited, they cannot be reserved.

  • Membership Card Loss and Replacement

    Q: What should members do if they lose their membership card?
    A: Members should promptly register the loss (call +86 10 8457 6669 or register directly with the front desk) and apply for the card to be reissued.


    Q: What should visitors do if they lose something during their visit to the museum?
    A: Visitors can inquire with the front desk to see if the lost item was recovered. If not, visitors can leave their information, and if members of staff find anything, they will contact the owner.


    Q: What should visitors do if they lose a storage tag?
    A: If a visitor loses a storage tag or umbrella key, a fee of 15 RMB will be charged. Please review our luggage storage information.


    Q: Can the venue be rented out? Who should we contact?
    A: The venue can be rented for personal or commercial purposes. Please call Red Brick Art Museum at +86 10 8457 6669 ext. 8866.

  • Other

    Q:Can the venue be rented out? Who should we contact?
    A:The venue can be rented for personal or commercial purposes. Please call Red Brick Art Museum at +86 10 8457 6669 ext. 8866.



Visitor Policies

  • Conduct
    1. Those who are drunk, otherwise impaired, or inappropriately dressed will not be permitted to enter the museum.
    2. Elderly, disabled, or young visitors must be accompanied by a friend or family member.
    3. Smoking, eating, and drinking is prohibited in the exhibition halls.
    4. Please do not touch the artworks.
    5. Visitors with backpacks are asked to either place their bags in luggage storage or wear their backpacks on their chests.
    6. Pets are prohibited in the museum.
    7. Do not lie down on the benches or engage in other uncivilized behavior.
    8. Sales activities are prohibited.
    9. Bringing weapons, flammable or explosive materials, poisons, or other dangerous items  into the museum is prohibited.
  • Photography
    1. Only visitors of the exhibition may take photographs. Costumed photography is prohibited. If discovered by staff, violators will be charged the corresponding rental fee. (rent the space)
    2. When taking photographs, flashes, tripods, selfie-sticks, camera shades, and other photography equipment are prohibited. If you have them with you, please place them in luggage storage.
    3. Please do not photograph or craft studies of the exhibits or engage in other related activities without permission.
    4. Taking pictures with banners without permission is prohibited.
  • Luggage Storage

    Toys, trolleys, rolling bags, suitcases, and other bags larger than 40 x 25 x 10 cm must be stored. The museum provides free luggage storage.

  • Strollers

    Strollers can be brought into the museum (except for certain special exhibitions) or they can be stored at luggage storage.