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Guided Tour Reservations

Guided Tour Reservations

Red Brick Art Museum provides private guided tours in Chinese and English.

Tour Coverage and Duration:

Exhibition spaces and gardens, approximately 45 minutes.

To reserve a tour guide, please call +86 10 8457 6669
(Please reserve your guided tour at least 3 working days in advance and state the name on the reservation at reception.)

Tour Fees:

1-10 person(s) 200 RMB
11-20 persons 300 RMB
21-30 persons 400 RMB

Wireless interpretation receivers are used in the guided tours, and the individual or group leader who reserved the tour must present a valid ID card to rent the equipment. Deposits for the equipment will be charged:

1-5 person(s) 150 RMB / person
6-10 persons 1000 RMB
11-20 persons 1500 RMB
21-30 persons 2000 RMB

Note: Please keep the receipt and show it when returning the receivers. Cash deposits will be returned immediately, and online payments require at least 3 working days to be returned to the original account.

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