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The Red Brick Art Museum is currently recruiting for following positions worldwide.For specific requirements and job application procedure, please read the description below. We look forward to having you on board.

  • Operations, Member Center
    1. Have abilities to understand and implement Red Brick Art Museum’s membership development strategy and principles, identify the members’ needs, understand the market, and to formulate executable marketing strategies, events, and plans.
    2. Expanding member cooperation domain, as well as creating and maintaining long term partnerships.
    3. Discovering and researching potential member partners and creating more partnership opportunities
    4. Building an effective member database, maintaining relationships with members at different levels, and enriching member experience
    5. Developing member projects, and planning, writing, and implementing collaborative programs
    6. Tracking the progress of monthly and seasonal member projects, meeting targets on time, and prompting flexible adjustments to projects
    1. At least one year of work experience in membership management, public relations, event planning, or related fields
    2. Master’s degree or higher and strong overall English abilities (prioritizing applicants with overseas study experience)
    3. Keen market analysis capabilities (prioritizing applicant with event planning, organization, coordination and promoting experience)
    4. Strong project planning, PowerPoint creation, and public speaking skills
    5. Strong teamwork abilities, easy-going, astute, organized, meticulous, focused, and responsible.
    6. Proficient in Microsoft Office
  • Researcher, Archive Center
    1. Systematically organize the display of Museum’s book and archive collection
    2. Coordinate museum exhibition archives and research
    3. Working with third parties to expand the archive
    4. Daily operation and promotion of the Archive Center
    5. Coordinating publications and working closely with the Media Department on content production
    1. Master’s degree or higher in art history, cultural studies, or a related discipline
    2. At least two years of relevant work experience
    3. Overseas study or work experience preferred and excellent speaking and writing abilities in Chinese and English required
    4. Good writing and research abilities (Please provide samples)
    5. Strong execution ability, sense of responsibility, and teamwork skills

Application method

Please send your CV to
Email Subject format : Position Title + Your Name
Phone: 010-84576669-8896 (Ms. Zhao)