Deng Guoyuan Noah’s Garden

On July 22, 2016, artist Deng Guoyuan’s solo show Noah’s Garden opens at the Red Brick Art Museum in Beijing. The exhibition is curated by LaoZhu.

The exhibited work Noah’s Garden is an attempt salvage humanity in a time where we are flooded with knowledge and information. In order to extract cultural memory, Deng created a garden in a closed space produced with industrial technology. This distant memory comes from the forests on which humanity depended upon, where apes evolved into humans. After the gradual development of human productivity and technology, the garden has become a home that man defines through civilization, a space different from the jungle. In Deng’s garden, the mirror images on all sides are illuminated by numerous lights. In the mirrors, the lights magically become a source of endlessly repeated brilliance, reminding us of how difficult and strange our lives are. In this work, these difficult and strange lives are shown to be related to a virtual world, which seems to be the unavoidable result of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Meanwhile, it also seems to exist beyond this virtual world, as we encounter trees and stones, smell the fragrance of plants, and appreciate the precious scene that is beautifully presented yet often overlooked.

The exhibition continues until August 22.

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Deng Guoyuan

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Red Brick Art Museum