Prologue — German Informel Art

Published on the occasion of ‘Prologue — German Informel Art‘ organised by Red Brick Art Museum. Following detail is included: the museum director’s greeting; general curator’s greeting; Dieter Ronte’s introduction; “Abstraction as process and concrete formation— On Art Informel In Germany” by Nicola Carola Heuwinkel; description and images of selected works of 6 German artists.

Publication Date: 2017.09.16

Editors: Sun Wenjie, Wang Che, Feng Xue, Xu Dan
Designer: Xiao Mage & Cheng Zi
Translators: Li Bangui, Bridget Noetzel
Artists: Peter Brüning, K.O. Götz, Gerhard Hoehme, Bernard Schultze, Emil Schumacher, Fred Thinner
Publisher: Red Brick Art Museum
Language: Chinese, English