Red Brick

This is a book describing the construction process of the ‘Red Bricks’ from the perspective of the staffs of the museum. It restores the minutiae of the process as much as possible, in order to read the emotional tales behind the red bricks, gray bricks, blue tiles, and steel plates. The stories happen to a group of different people who have the same ideals. It is because of them, the unique architecture and landscape of the Red Brick Museum has become a new landmark of contemporary art in Beijing.

Publication Date: 2014.05.23

Author: Gong Jian
Executive producers: Yan Shijie, Cao Mei
Photographer: Xing Yu
Design Director: Mei Shuzhi
Designer: Wang Qian
Assistant Designer: Sun Yifan
Publishing Assistants: Gu Jing, Qin Yinghui
Publisher: Red Brick Art Museum
Language: Chinese, English

Special Thanks: Zhou Yi, Liu Limei, Zhu Shan, Huang Juan