Zooming into the garden

Zooming into the garden

In the summer of 2014, Red Brick Courtyard Children’s Creative Workshop collaborates with Meizhilang Kidspace by inviting Mr. Forky, an expert in child education and a teacher of the MZL Kidspace to prepare full day programs of creative lessons for children between 4 – 12 years of age. We welcome children into the art museum, while they visit the rich and fascinating inaugural exhibition “Tales from the Taiping Era”, learn through lively activities, and create his/her own “artwork” as they enjoy their “colorful” summer holidays!

In July ,the three events of Children’s Creative Workshop was a great success at the Red Brick Courtyard. Everyone’s artistic talent reached a height in his/her creative potential. They are comparable to the masters in the arts. The children created an “existence” through graffiti, on which they have left traces of their actions. The rich and colorful childhood resembles to a book, and the kids may record the stories of their childhood through drawing. Their artworks do not only act as mirrors that reflect their growing intellect and emotions, but are also vivid exaggerations of the various encapsulations of life.

Have the happy faces of these children yet attracted? Have the diverse lessons of the children’s creative workshop at the Red Brick Courtyard yet attracted you? Have the superb contemporary art exhibition at the Red Brick Art Museum and its beautiful scenery yet attracted you? Come and join our lessons in August!

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Planner: WU Ling
Organizer: Red Brick Art Museum
Co-Organiser: Meizhilang Kid’s Space
Language: Chinese

Application Requirement
Children age 4 years and above

The price includes the class fee and required materials for the summer camp
If meal is required, an addition of 30rmb/person/day (Including lunch, morning and afternoon snacks)

Via telephone: 8610 – 8457 6669 ext. 8866 (10:00 – 17:00, Tuesday to Sunday)
For more information please contact the reception in the design shop at the Red Brick Art Museum.